@GeeknRolla: Gigaboxx lets bands sell music direct to their live audience

Gigaboxx allows artists and record companies to sell direct to their live audience, through their own mobile music stores. These stores can be quickly produced and managed, by using a simple online wizard. A Bluetooth box is then used to deliver the site URL to the audience’s mobile phones, allowing them to take advantage of the very moment when fans are most likely to make an emotional purchase, while within the live event itself. This will also create the opportunity for them to gain valuable insight into their fan-base through the data and analytics collected from download sales.

“Wouldn’t it be great if you coul download music from a gig using your mobile, there and then?” asks Ian Pickard of Gigaboxx, launching the start-up at the second GeeknRolla start-up panel. He says the service allows artists to “chase both the long tail and the short tail” by selling live tracks, album tracks or video.

Fans leaving gigs can be sent a Bluetooth message reading: “Hi, we’re the band, thank you for coming. To get our new single, click here,” which will have a link taking them to the artist’s mobile site on Gigaboxx where payments can be made.

As for the business model, there are four strands: downloads, subscriptions, selling data and advertising and in its first year the start-up aims to make £1.2 million in revenue. Gigboxx is looking for early stage funding of £600,000.