@GeeknRolla: GameCreds creates a new type of social network for gamers

GameCreds is a an innovative new social network allowing gamers to create and manage their “Gamer ID” online through a set of automated tools, connecting gamers in a new way It effectively combines some of the web’s star concepts – successfully developed by Netvibes, YouTube, Linkedin, Monster and Facebook – having re-designed these to fit gamers’ specific needs and tastes.

GameCred’s Timothée Le Borgne revealed to a GeeknRolla start-up panel on Tuesday that the site has already signed a content deal with French VOD site Dailymotion and has raised €200,000 in angel investment. Gamecreds.com is scheduled to go into an open beta phase around Q2 this year and its founders have set the ambitious target of soon reaching 1.5 million unique visitors a month.

Le Borgne says: “Gaming is a lot of fun but there are problems you have to solve everday: where do you find the new content every day; how do you find other players to play with and how do you tell other people you are the best?”

The social network’s features include:

• Getting the latest gaming content, including HD videos, news, walkthrough guides and interviews.
• Allowing users to show off their gaming credentials via integrated in-game achievements.
• Facility that connects new online teammates to play with via a matchmaking module.
• Interaction with friends through walls, blogs and voice chat.

The business model? the plan is to make money through premium memberships, banner and video as and user database monetization.