GeeknRolla Update – Not even a volcano can stop us, so grab a ticket

Well folks, it’s been an interesting weekend of email and phone calls, but the good news is that GeeknRolla is STILL ON tomorrow, and there is not one single damn volcano on the planet, however ash-filled, that can stop us bringing this awesome event to you. The very last tickets and DemoPit tables are available here.

And frankly, we have to pay tribute to you guys. We have been hearing amazing stories of how people are getting to London for tomorrow’s event – from hiring boats, airplanes and even keynote speaker Morten Lund driving to London in a banged up car from Copenhagen. And our live streaming partners Bambuser are on a “#volcanrolla” road trip from Stockholm, overland and sea. Speaker Cédric Giorgi just got the very last ticket available on Eurostar, and Jennifer Lee has been collecting people at Calais to take over by car ferry. Amazing.

Of course, because of the airlines situation, there will be one or two changes to the line-up. But we are working hard to make sure it all goes smoothly, and there will not be a drop in any of the quality of the speakers, and we still have over 400 people confirmed for the event.

For breaking news about GeeknRolla we have fired-up the @GeeknRolla Twitter account to help people with information on travel plans, ticketing and anything else relevant to the event. Please subscribe to it.

And if you cant make the main day but want to party with us and SixNationState, hit the After Party which has a separate ticket.

Here are some more details for you.

1. Agenda – The conference is definitely going ahead with a small number of changes to the line-up and we will announce the finalised agenda on Monday afternoon. Please be assured that the majority of speakers are either already in London or have made arrangements to travel by alternative form of transport to ensure they arrive in London in time for the event.

2. Refund policy – TechCrunch Europe is happy to consider refunding ticket holders who are genuinely unable to attend due to the disruptions to flights. This applies if you are based outside of the UK and were supposed to fly to London/GeeknRolla and your flights has been cancelled due to the disruption by the Volcano. In this instance you will need to email your emailed receipt from Amiando to Petra Johansson on

3. Alternatively, if your flight to the UK has been cancelled, you can instead opt for your GeeknRolla ticket to be transferred to a future event within the next 6 months. This includes The Europas Awards & Summer Party, TechCrunch Edinburgh, and TechCrunch Copenhagen. In this instance you will need to email your receipt from Amiando to Petra Johansson on

So, if have any ticket enquires please *EMAIL* Petra. Please do not call her as she is too busy organising the conference for tomorrow.

Lastly, there are still a handful of tickets to the main day, DemoPit tables and the Afterparty purchasable here (GeeknRolla main day & DemoPit tables)

We hope that’s all clear. See you tomorrow.