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Don't talk, just execute – in 2 days, Estonia's Garage48 produces 16 potential startups

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[Estonia] “Don’t talk, just execute”. That was the goal of Garage48, a sort of bootcamp-meets-hackathon organised by the Estonian Startup Leaders Club, a non-profit organization that works with major startup founders from Estonia.

The event, which took place at Estonian IT College last weekend, involved 100 developers with varying startup experience – from student to experienced entrepreneur – and included a number of Skype founding engineers. After a brain storming session, 40 ideas were presented, with 16 services selected to be developed and launched by the end of a single, presumably caffeine-fueled, 48 hours.

The results – which range from a service where kids can create an online pet and purchase their own physical hand-made version as a soft toy, to a chatroulette-inspired cocktail suggestion tool for when you’re at a loss as to what to order at a bar – are pretty impressive — see below.

Moving forward, we’re told that over half of the teams are likely to continue developing their projects and it’s expected that at least 2-3, if not more, serious companies will come of this.

  • – An interactive virtual pet service, where you can design and take care of your online pet. You can also order the “real pet” to be mailed to yourself or your kids.
  • – A service to arrange lunch meetings with people on a specific topic, where you need help or advice.
  • – If you are in a bar and clueless as to what to order, then use this SMS service to get a random cocktail recipe.
  • – A service for people who need to renovate their house or apartment. Step-by-step guides for every room type: kitchen, bathroom, garage etc. The service is in Estonian.
  • – Global database of underground bars.
  • – Talepath connects books and movies to places. This way it’s easier fo you to discover new places, follow the tracks of your favourite film or make travel more interesting.
  • – An intelligent tool that helps you to find a name for your child.
  • – Asimple map based service to locate your nearest recycle bin.
  • – A personal client relationship management tool, that reminds you to contact people that you think are important.
  • – Gathers information from popular social network sites and keeps a neat and simple address book with the everchanging details of your contacts and syncs the data on the fly to your mobile phone.
  • – Public information about Estonian politicians and members of the parliament.
  • Seenele – A map based Facebook application to find places to get mushrooms.
  • – A passive tool for learning new languages by watching movies and reading subtitles.
  • Off The Couch (Go2Sport) – Facebook application – A fun tool for friends to get off the couch and do some sports, share the results with your friends over Facebook.
  • TwistList – A service to aggregate information from #buy #sell #rent and related tags on Twitter.
  • MyShopping – A personal shopping and special offers website that would replace existing “loyalty cards” with electronic ID and systems.

The next Garage48 event is planned for sometime in the summer/autumn.

  • Joe W

    I like the idea of people getting together and thrashing ideas together and sharing inspiration.

    But I feel “startup” is becoming a buzz word. Whilst the article admittedly says these are potential startups, that doesn’t really take much.

    A hobbyist who decides one weekend he might make a business from his garage is a potential startup.

    Anyone with a half-baked idea and a website is a potential startup.

    I hope each one of these guys does start a business (n.b. when did we stop calling them businesses?), but the trend does seem to be getting people together at these events for ever decreasing amounts of time to create a startup.

    This isn’t trolling on my part, I just wonder if we’re collectively too eager to get excited about startups which are almost certainly a long way from trading or turning a profit.

    • Steve O'Hear

      Don’t get bogged down in semantics or the headline. The post tells the real story and, as I say, some of the results are impressive and could turn into a genuine startup. Plus it’s often as much about people/teams as initial products. Ideas evolve.

      • Joe W

        Sure – I understand the heart of the story, and the good intentions of the event.

        My concern is aimed more generally at the almost disposable way things can be called startups. I wonder if sometimes things get called startups because we’re afraid to call them businesses.

        To my mind, a startup is just a synonym for business.

        As I say, I hope this doesn’t come across as trolling. I encourage folks to get together and thrash ideas around.

  • Robin Gurney

    I think its fantastic what they have achieved (in an amazingly short time), Garage48 created a tangible, optimistic set of outcomes and even results in some publicity on Techcrunch no less!

    It helps put the creative minds and talented hands of Estonians on the radar and, as someone who has been working with Estonians for more than 5 years, I can say that’s long overdue.

    I wanted to be there but sadly could not make it but one of our team did go and came back feeling inspired.

    I think this model has a lot going for it and sincerely hope that one or more of the ideas grows wings and flies.

    Viva Estonia! Viva Garage48 !

  • Erki Lipre

    The event was fantastic. Creativity was met in every corner. Everybody were present with the same goals – do something fun, useful and promising.

    It was one of the best networking events in the field.

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  • Martin – I added some of the startups here. I will add some more if I’ll get some time :) I am also amazed about the creativity and the speed, that the young Estonians were able to show in such a short time.

  • Robertas V

    Similar event named “StartupWeekend” took place one week ago in Lithuania (Neighboring country to Estonia). Where at least 20 ideas have been in implementation, and to my knowledge some of them will come out as companies, here’s a short video:

    • Robertas V

      Forgot to mention, that I am extremely happy for both Estonia and Lithuania – finally these events started happening here in the Baltics :)

  • Fabio

    The number of projects churned out is really impressive, well done. I dig these kind of events as I had a great first hand experience of London’s Launch48 –

  • Siim Esko

    All the best to my Estonian colleagues. I hope many of them will continue from this startup stage to found a business. Going through the links posted in this article, they’ve made a great start already. And if not with these ideas, then I am sure the bug is in them.

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  • albüm dinle

    alowww ne oluyor yawss neden mesajlar cikmiyor :S

  • Erki

    The other event took place in Estonia. Garage48 at Tartu. Worth having a look at the project list – much more mature event than last time:

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