Computer virus mucks up Russia-China border crossing

This isn’t the best time to be a traveler. Europe is still fighting plumes of volcanic ash—FC Barcelona had to take a bus from Barcelona to Milan for tomorrow’s game against Inter!—and now there’s word that a computer virus has wrecked a Russia-China border crossing. Some 2,000 Russians visiting the Chinese city of Heihe found themselves stranded when the computer virus totally wrecked everything.

But don’t worry! The virus was deleted from the computer system lickety split, and all is now back to normal.

No, the virus was never identified. Presumably it’s not the same one that caught porn fans in the act last week. (That’s one of my favorite tech stories in a long, long time. Hilarious.)

In other Russian news, Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich launched his gigantic yacht, the Eclipse, the other day. It’s safe to say the vessel is fairly fancy.

I sat here for a good 10 minutes trying to make this story interesting, but clearly I’ve failed.