Stuck in London Sunday night? Hit TEDxVolcano

Some amazing things are starting to happen with this Icelandic Volcano. (No, I can’t pronounce Eyjafjallajokull yet, but give me time).

After learning that the entire Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship would be stranded in London till at least Friday, Nathaniel Whittemore and others decided to see if they couldn’t turn this into a cool opportunity. They got in touch with TED and pitched the idea of a “TEDxVolcano” in London.

So on Sunday night (April 18) in London TEDxVolcano will feature June Cohen from TED and a number of other speakers. It’s going to be a pretty impromptu session, obviously, but I have a feeling they will pull it off.

Today TEDxCam was held, so maybe they can help out?

If you need to know more here are the best contacts:

Nathaniel Whittemore
Christian Busch
Alasdair Bell

Event details:

TEDxVolcano, in association with TEDxLondon
Sunday, April 18th. 5:15 doors open, 6:00pm talks commence
The Hub Kings Cross (location)

Free TV : Ustream