Roving Slovenian Hackers Turned Away By Facebook & Google, But Welcomed At TechCrunch

Yesterday afternoon, we received a tip via Twitter that a ragtag bunch of Slovenian hackers were on their way to TechCrunch headquarters for an unscheduled meet-and-greet. We really didn’t know what to expect, but I grabbed a Flip camera to document this monumental event in Slovenian/Silicon Valley diplomatic relations. In the video below, you’ll hear about the arduous journey of these Slovenian hackers, which included a stint in Compton and, later, being escorted by security out of both Facebook and Google.

The group hails from the Information Science Student Society from the Computer and Information Sciences division at the University of Ljubljana. They also have a blog, which you can read a translated version of here. As for the offer the group talks about in the video, feel free to leave your ideas in the comments, but we can’t vouch for their coding skills and can’t take any responsibility for what you cook up.

The group will be in the area for the next week (and they’ll be heading to New York later on), so if you’ve got a startup and want them to stop by, reach out to dsi at OR ales.rosina at