Make One, Drop One toy program

Oh, overprotective mothers, is there anything you can’t ruin? Some moms got together and created the ToySociety in Australia created a “Make One, Drop One” program for kids. Essentially, you make a nice toy for your little one you leave another one in a plastic bag hanging from a spot unavailable to dogs and their pee. The mission is basically: “So, you’d like to be part of The Toy Society? Maybe make a toy, leave it somewhere…you know make someone happy.” Nice, right?

A site called DesignMom posted about it and while most of the mothers are all like “Wow! This is great,” every few comments on the post are clinkers including:

I love the idea, but truthfully, I don’t know if I would let my kid take something that was just… out there… Even if it was packaged up all darling. But maybe other moms are less psycho than me. I’d happily give my handmade toys away, as my kids never like them as much as the store-boughten kind!

Yes, maybe other moms are less psycho than her. Some of my favorite toys came out of the trash and these things are in a bag. Do we really have to be so afraid of the world as to assume that everything is laced with cocaine or razor blades? Seriously.

via DaddyTypes