EasyBloom Plus allows nerds to garden like a pro

Hidden in the picture above is a fake plant. Not only is it a fake plant, but it’s a high tech fake plant, complete with USB port and soil sampling technology like that used in the Mars rover! The EasyBloom Plus is the fancy successor to the EasyBloom not plus, which allows gardeners to collect sunlight, temperature and moisture data from their lawn or garden and track that data over time. The Plus model introduces a fertilizer subscription service to help make sure you don’t over- or under-fertilize your plants.

All cheek aside, I think the EasyBloom Plus would be a great option for parents to introduce the science of gardening to younger kids. No more guesswork about watering and sunlight, and the database of over 6,000 plants would help would-be gardeners pick the right plants before running off to Lowes to buy a flat of all-sun plants and putting them in an all-shade location.

The EasyBloom Plus is $50 at Target and Home Depot. The fertilizer subscription service is $2 per month or $19 a year. Not a bad price for all the info it makes available to you.