Allegation: School district used laptop to take 400+ photos of student without permission

Oh, this school district is totally boned. You’ll recall that the Lower Merion School District, in Pennsylvania, had given students MacBooks so they could do their schoolwork. Fun. What wasn’t fun, though, was that the school is alleged to have snapped photos of the students without their consent. The whole kerfluffle is wrangled in the legal system now, and one of the district’s employees who had access to the images called it a “little LMSD soap opera.” Replied another: “I know, I love it.” Oh boy, not good for the school district.

A family claims that their child’s laptop took more than 400 photos of their son without him knowing. Four hundred photos! The school district cannot be like, “Oh, we didn’t know.”

Eh, the rest of the story is boring legal stuff. Who cares.

Not to get emotional, but can you imagine how you’d react if you find out that your school-issued laptop was taking photos of you without your knowledge? Or, for parents, that these laptops were taking photos of your kids? Pretty egregious.