Videoplaza adds ex-Spotify CTO to advisory board

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[Sweden] Stockholm-based Videoplaza, the video ad server startup, has announced two new recruits to its board of advisors today: former CTO of Spotify Andreas Ehn, and Nils Winkler, previously CSO of ADTECH.

This follows last month’s news that the Swedish startup had raised a new €3.5 million funding round from leading Nordic VCs Creandum and Northzone Ventures.

While at Spotify, Ehn recruited the team of developers and defined the initial product, technical strategy and architecture of the music streaming service. Before his three years at Spotify, he was at Swedish online fashion and games community Stardoll.

Winkler was in charge of expanding ADTECH Germany’s ad serving business from the ground up in the Nordics and United States. He’s currectly CEO of Hi-Media Payments/Allopass for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“The vision, industry insight and technology expertise Andreas and Nils bring to our Advisory Board will only help to further our business on a whole,” says Sorosh Tavakoli, CEO of Videoplaza. “We’re expanding our customer reach very quickly across Europe and constantly evolving our ad serving technology as publishers really start to unlock the value in online video and the new TV market truly takes shape. We’ve seen tremendous growth over the past year alone and expect to continue to build on the solid lead we have in the European online video ad serving industry.”

Tavakoli also blogs about the two new recruits, describing Ehn as having “deep expertise in how to scale a business with loads of data, massive traffic while keeping everything super quick”, while Winkler is described as “probably THE best sales guy in our industry.”

  • Steven Finch

    I think Videoplaza will be a company to watch out for in the future. They have great backing plus great personnel, so might even be an IPO candidate in about 3-5 years time!

  • Jonas Lejon

    Congrats to Ehn and Videoplaza!

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