Myxer's Android App GeoPix Blends Wallpaper Images With Geolocation

Mobile content delivery company Myxer is entering the Android app ecosystem with the launch of free mobile app GeoPix. The Android app blends geo-location technology with ordinary wallpaper images. You can choose a physical location for an image you want as your wallpaper, and then have it automatically appear as you arrive at your destination.

Using the Android device’s geolocation technology and its ability to run apps on background, GeoPix allows users to save any number of locations for customized wallpaper. Users choose their own images for wallpaper or can choose from Myxer’s catalog of wallpapers. For example, if I was driving across the Golde Gate Bridge in San Francisco, GeoPix would update my wallpaper with a picture of the landmark.

It makes sense for Myxer to use its vast amount of mobile content towards building compelling applications. The company has seen considerable success in the mobile content space. Myxer delivered 10 million ringtones to iPhone users (and 1 billion ringtones in all) and offers over 2 million free ringtones, wallpapers and videos. Users can also make their own ringtones, videos and wallpaper from music and files a customer already owns. And according to the company, its mobile site sees six million monthly unique visitors downloading over 85 million content items from Myxer each month.

The startup also recently launched MobileStage, a suite of mobile marketing services aimed towards the music industry. Competitors include mSpot, Playphone and SendMe.