BugMe now available for iPad

Like every other tech blogger, I’ve been flooded with press releases about apps that are now available for the iPad. I’ve been underwhelmed, on the whole, with “news” of app updates for iPad compatibility but word came to me recently that BugMe had been approved for the iPad. That got me thinking about my review of BugMe for the iPhone.

My chief complaint in my review was that trying to write on the iPhone screen was too limited. That complaint vanishes completely with the iPad’s ample screen space. Also, the latest version of Bug Me includes an on-screen keyboard for both iPhone and iPad, so that you can type notes rather than handwrite them. Progress! This might be a useful little app for families sharing an iPad in the living room: no longer do you need to put a sticky note on the fridge, instead just jot down your note on the iPad and leave it out!

BugMe! for iPad is in the app store.

BugMe is also available for Android and Blackberry.

UPDATE: word just came in that the next version of BugMe for the iPad will include push notifications of the sort enjoyed by the iPhone.