Optoma GameTime projectors now available

While we’ve come to know Optoma mainly for their pico projectors, they do make larger versions as well. Case in point, their latest product line, the GameTime series. Targeted at computer and console gamers, the GameTime line use DLP tech from Texas Instruments support resolutions specific to the Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3.

There are three new models in the GameTime line, all under $1000. The GT360 is specifically for the Wii, and supports a native resolution of 800×600, and sells for $599. The GT700 supports 1280×800, but has a lower lumen rating then others (at 2,300), but retails for $749. The top end model is the GT720, running at 1280×800 and 720p, and retails for $799. All three models are currently available on the Optoma website.

[via SlashGear]