Mygazines Does Not Launch An iPad App

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Digital publishing company Mygazines has launched its iPad Edition, a browser-based mobile reading system for Apple’s tablet device. In case the title of this post confused you: it’s decidely not an iPad app, but rather an integral part of Mygazines Mobile, a universal e-reading system that works on almost any touch-screen device, including the iPhone, iPod touch and Android phones.

But the iPad, with its bigger screen and and impressive multimedia capabilities, obviously lends itself for these types of enhanced publications much more than even the most capable smartphones. Readers can simply head to a dedicated publication URL (example) and Mygazines’ system will automatically recognize and display a unique interface for the iPad.

You can find a list of (mostly niche) magazines here.

Features include page flipping, article lists, social bookmarking, e-mail sharing, page thumbnails, zoom and links. Publishers can also customize options and colors to create a unique branded environment.

Here’s a demo video:

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