3Crowd Raises $6.6 Million For Cloud Management Tools

3Crowd a startup that provides management tools for cloud-based services, has raised $6.62 million in Series A financing from Canaan Partners and Storm Ventures. The startup previously raised an undisclosed amount of angel funding from investors, including Jay Adelson, Kevin Rose, Storm Ventures, and Greenwich Technology Associates.

Founded by BitGravity co-founder Barrett Lyon, 3Crowd’s management tools give enterprises greater controls over content delivery and other cloud services, enabling them to use multiple services at once.

3Crowd, which recently launched, help users manage their content across multiple CDNs (content delivery systems) at the same time, using rule sets to determine which CDNs should be tapped depending on variables like the user’s location and which content they’re accessing. The product also looks to make it easy to actually deploy your content to these CDNs — you have to create the account with the CDN, but 3Crowd can then walk you through a wizard to get things going.