Zynga's Newest Game: FrontierVille

One thing Zynga loves are the “ville” games. Farmville now has 80+ million monthly users, and they’ve go FishVille, YoVille, PetVille, etc. as well as lots of other games. Next up, it looks like, is FrontierVille And as ridiculous as these games are, people love them, sometimes they get addicted to them, and the revenue keeps rolling in.

Next up is FrontierVille, if the screenshots I saw while logged in to Facebook as a Developer Test Account are to be believed.

The game description? Click and then keep clicking. Ok, not really. It’s “Howdy Pardner! Let’s explore a new life on the frontier. You gotta chop trees to construct buildings, clear land to raise livestock, plant crops, and raise a family. The untamed wilderness is hazardous, but your fellow pioneers are there to help.”

Milestones include things like “learned the ropes,” “just broke ground for a new homestead!,” and “just finished building a General Store in FrontierVille.”

I just wish they’d create BloggerVille. I think I’d be really good at that.