ZoomSafer Raises $1 Million, Could Be Your Next Personal Safe Driving Assistant

ZoomSafer, developer of safe driving software for mobile phones, has raised an additional $1 million round of financing from SugarOak Holdings. Daniel Baker, CEO of SugarOak Holdings, has joined the company’s board of directors as part of the funding deal.

Zoomsafer markets what it refers to as a “personal safe driving assistant”, software for mobile phones that aims to prevent distracted driving.

Once downloaded to a mobile phone (Blackberry and selected Windows Mobile devices only for now, with support for Android, iPhone and other smartphones in the works) the ZoomSafer software detects when the user is driving and automatically puts the phone into ‘safe drive mode’. That way, inbound alerts are suppressed and the phone’s keypad and screen are locked to eliminate the temptation to text, email or dial while driving.

Additionally, ZoomSafer offers a variety of customizable and hands-free services so users can stay connected while driving, including auto-replies to incoming texts and emails to let others know that you’re driving, one-touch access to voice dialer for making hands-free outbound calls and the receipt of hands-free inbound calls from priority contacts.

The company says it will use the additional capital to expand marketing and sales and deliver enhanced policy controls and analytics to help consumers, large-scale corporate fleet customers and everything in between ensure safe, legal and hands-free use of mobile phones while driving.

Here’s a pretty explanatory video of how Zoomsafer works: