Brings A Live, Glamour Magazine Trained Stylist To The iPhone

Digital shopping and fashion empire is hoping to solve a problem for anyone who has ever stood in front of their closet and wondered what they should wear. The startup that has brought us visual shopping engine, shopping personalization engine; street style social network Weardrobe, and visual styling tool Couturious, is now launching a tool that any fashion-minded individual needs: a live personal stylist and wardrobe consultant. Like’s free iPhone app, called Ask A Stylist, gets you real answers from a Glamour Magazine-trained stylist in real time from your mobile device.

Once you open the application, you can take a picture of your proposed outfit or clothing item, choose your destination (i.e. dinner at a fancy restaurant, concert, picnic in the park) and ask your fashion question. Within minutes a real-life stylist will send you an answer and, if applicable, a recommendation on other items to complement your look. You will receive a push notification alerting you that your response is ready. If push is off, then you can get a notification via SMS.

So why trust these stylists? has partnered with Glamour Magazine to train each stylist in the science of fashion and style. The app also offers features branded-stylists from retail stores.

Of course, you don’t have to be in front of your closet to use the app. If you are shopping at a store and are having trouble choosing between a style of shoes or aren’t sure if the coat is fashion forward, you can call on a stylist to help with the decision. Stylists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and responses generally arrive within 2 minutes of the question.

If applicable, the Stylist will offer suggestions on fashion pieces to complement the looks to make your outfit even better. If you choose a retail stylist, you can get suggestions from their brand, specifically. On occasion, a stylist will recommend a product with a clickable link that will take you to a site where you can buy the product.

Munjal Shah, CEO of, says the app doesn’t have any revenue streams at the moment but will soon be integrated into a stealth site that compliment’s the app’s functionality. The app is part of Shah’s strategy of bringing interactive shopping tools to the online soft goods shopping experience. Couturious shows you how to wear styled looks on the web. Weardrobe helps you to be visually inspired with streetstyle looks; Covet helps you to visually personalize your shopping (using celebrity photos), helps you to visually shop for soft goods and now the new app adds a personalized styling consultant to the mini-empire’s offerings., which launched in 2006, is growing steadily both in revenue and platforms. The startup raised $32 million in funding during the implosion of the financial industry, with a valuation just north of $100 million. And the startup is churning out verticals at a rapid pace.