GoGoStat Competes With Ping To Sync Your Social Networks

Managing your multiple different social network streams and accounts can be a time consuming task for some. A number of startups aim to help you publish to multiple social networks at the same time including Ping.fm and HelloTxt. GoGoStat Sync, a startup developed by a number of ex-Microsoft employees is hoping to make the syncing of social network a bit easier today by allowing users to organize and update their profiles on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Flickr. We have 1000 GoGoStat Sync invites for TechCrunch readers. To enable an invite, click here and enter the code “39F34F94.”

On GoGoStat Sync, you can synchronize contacts and photos across multiple social media sites, publish status updates across sites, and sync address books with social networks and email accounts. Similar to other syncing applications, users can decide which social networks to automatically sync updates to. For example, you can automatically send tweets to Facebook and MySpace as status updates.

One feature of the Sync app is that synchronization occurs in the background, not just when users are logged in. Synchronization can be defined in any direction, and users can set-up their Sync rules using credentials from any of their social media sites, so it is not necessary to set up different credentials for GoGoStat Sync. The startup will also soon be releasing a parental tool that allows you to track your child’s behavior on social networks like Facebook and MySpace.

In terms of monetization, GoGoStat Sync is looking to partner with mobile device companies and telecommunications providers, such as Sprint or Verizon, to add the app to cellular plans and phones.

Syncing your social network profiles isn’t an original idea, but if GoGoStat Sync can build a compelling offering and possibly license its technology to carriers, then the startup could gain a loyal following and userbase.