OneRiot's Realtime Ad Network RiotWise Goes Self-Service For Advertisers

Last year, OneRiot ventured into the advertising world with RiotWise, an ad format which places content in an emphasized position in their realtime feed. The search engine also launched a pilot program of RiotWise Trending Ads, a stream of ads that correspond to trending topics as they emerge across the social web, that has since been integrated into the search engine’s API. And the startup recently launched self-refreshing realtime trending ads. Today, the realtime search company is taking RiotWise self-service, meaning any advertiser can now create campaigns using OneRiot’s ad network.

OneRiot’s RiotWise system automatically matches an advertiser’s relevant content to trending topics on web. The platform is powered by OneRiot’s proprietary Trending Topics Forecast Algorithm (TTFA), which attempts to predict what topics will trend before they blow up on Twitter or Facebook or Google Trends. Given the “realtime relevance” of ads seen by users, OneRiot says the the click through rate is typically 3 to 4 times industry norms.

To create a campaign, advertisers can now use OneRiot’s self-service portal and the advertiser does not need to bid for keywords or create marketing copy for ads to appear across OneRiot’s network. OneRiot indexes content as it is published by an advertiser, in realtime, on their website, blog or social media feed. OneRiot then extracts key words from that content and constructs relevant ads on-the-fly, matching to trending topics, linking directly to the relevant pages on the advertiser’s site. Meanwhile, OneRiot’s PulseRank algorithm constantly optimizes ad placement to ensure the most relevant ad appears to end user.

Currently OneRiot’s trending ads, which are serving 400 million impressions per month, are being used on Twitter apps (ÜberTwitter), desktop clients (Digsby) search engines, and other realtime web applications.. OneRiot shares revenue with the application developer. As we’ve written in the past, OneRiot runs the risk of surfacing irrelevant or spammy content with realtime ads, especially is the ads are refreshing constantly to match trending topics. But as a realtime search engine, OneRiot has invested heavily in spam prevention and is constantly sorting through millions of pieces of content to determine what is relevant and what isn’t. For both advertiser and developers, seems like a viable tool.