Nvidia GTX 400 series trickling out a few days early

Looks like the Nvidia GTX 400 series GPUs are starting to trickle onto various sites several days before the official release. Well, at least one big site. Take that paycheck and pump it right into Direct X 11 goodness~!

The only card available right now is the GTX 470, the little brother to the GTX 480. (Or, in ATI terms, it’s the Radeon 5850 to the Radeon 5870.) It’s not even that expensive at $349. Video cards can easily go for twice as much.

Cards from EVGA and Gigabyte are on Newegg. They’re not available to buy right now, but rather they’re on Auto-Notify duty.

And now we wait for Crysis 2 to really test out these companies’ latest.