Is this the first home controlled solely by iPads and iPhones?

I said it a few days ago and I’ll say it again, the iPad is the future of home automation. I’m clearly not alone in this thinking, either. At least one installer has already embraced the iPad and rolled out what could be the first whole-house system controlled by two iPads and one iPhone. This includes everything from the security systems, HVAC, cameras, three media servers, a Russound audio system, to even the pool can be controlled via these devices.

The installer has seen the future and it includes lots of iPads and money. via CEPro,

“My plan is to sell many more automation systems,” he says. “The stumbling block for clients in the past hasn’t been the control system, it’s always been the cost of the user interface. With the iPad, this problem has been completely removed. This is a tremendous victory for the future of my business. I don’t have to sell expensive products that don’t multitask. And I get to charge each time I program an iPad or add one to the system.”

Click through to see a video of the system in action.