Nokia plans to join the tablet party with Intel team-up

The iPad may be the first truly viable tablet product on the market, but can it withstand repeated blows from serious rivals like Google, HP, and Microsoft? Within a year, we’ll be looking at 15-20 tablet options and if you don’t think some might approach or surpass the iPad in quality and usability, well, you’re a fanboy. The latest addition to the lineup: Nokia is working on a tablet in concert with Intel; they must have decided that they stood a better chance together.

The trouble is this information comes from an “analyst,” which means it could be pure BS. But it would make sense: Nokia is no stranger to tablets, nor is Intel, and they’re already making nice with Maemo and Moblin.

Hey, I’d be interested… well, maybe. Nokia and Intel have such reach in the industry that I’d expect it to be much more of an open and customizable platform than iPad or Chrome OS — something that could be rebuilt and customized for the military or medical fields, or other big markets that don’t care about app stores or web 2.0.

[via Ars Technica]