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iTiki iPhone Case…Um, something is wrong with me, because I kinda want one?

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Anytime the press release for a new product says something like this, I’m bound to pay attention:

iTiki™ is a South Pacific deity from the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, who protects iPhones from enemies. iTiki is more than just the original tiki-based iPhone case. It’s the silicone incarnation of the same spirit who, according to legend, created the first woman. When he got thirsty, he invented really tasty rum drinks. Now the iTiki wants to protect your iPhone.

Honestly, I wasn’t aware that my iPhone had any enemies (other than me). In any event, the somewhat humorous yet caricatural marketing pitch for this iPhone case, on sale April 6th, answers the burning question that keeps us all up at night:

“Do we really need one more iPhone case/protector/sleeve?”

The Answer:

Yeah, we pretty much do.

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