Hands-on with Honda's U3-X, the amazing people mover

Step aside, Segway, because this is amazing. This U3-X is a tiny unicycle like people mover designed for folks with debilitating injuries or problems walking. You sit on it, put your feet on a pair of pedals, and move your body to move forward, backwards, and even side to side. It’s amazingly small and lasts one hour on a charge.

Jimin and I tried the U3-X in a ballroom in Times Square and both of us came away impressed. It is completely self righting and to ride it you just move your body in the direction you want to go. The wheels-within-wheels system allows for 360-degree motion.

This is the first mini people mover I’ve actually been excited about. It’s so small that you can actually use it in mixed company and as long as the battery lasts you can ride it in absolute comfort on most smooth surfaces. No specific release date for this thing and it’s apparently quite expensive right now, but I would totally buy one.