Daniel and Everett thank us profusely for our Internet largesse

It’s not often we get thanked for stuff we do here, so this little email this morning was quite refreshing. I posted a link to Daniel and Everett’s show yesterday as part lark and part serious exploration into the blossoming and inevitable sad decline of the young journalist (I’ll see you kids at the ulcer doctor!). However, Daniel took the time to drop me a note this morning and it warmed my sclerotic heart. It reads:

Mr. Biggs,

I couldn’t find your email anywhere, but I wanted to personally thank you for the feature you did on my friend Everett and I’s show, “The Daniel and Everett Show.”

Don’t worry, it’s not another article for you to write.

I wrote a little blog post about your post here. Kind of a thank you type deal. http://bit.ly/cwVK2k

It’s truly doing amazing things for our show as well as TJ. TJ is actually getting job offers, the most notable being from a popular magazine (he wouldn’t say who) which wants an app.

A lot of what I could say in this message would just be repeating what I said in my blog post. So, if you have the time, I’d love it if you could read it.

I’m actually staff in my school newspaper, and I’m applying to become Editor-in-chief (just like you). I hope to pursue a career in journalism.

I’m really at a loss of words, this has been extremely exciting for both Everett and I.


While I don’t want to set a dangerous precedent (i.e. that I’m a soft touch) it pleases me to no end to see kids actually interested in this stuff. I know I loved it as a kid and, as Doug once said, being able to do what we do is like being allowed to play Fantasy Football all day long – being paid. Good luck, guys.