BreezyPrint brings printing to BlackBerry, iPhone and Android versions coming soon

Are you tired of not being able to print pictures of cats from your BlackBerry? Boy oh boy — do I feel your pain. Enter BreezyPrint.

BreezyPrint is a new bit of software which allows you to print from your BlackBerry by way of what I can only assume is some sort of voodoo.

It won’t allow to you to print to any nearby printer, of course; that would require all sorts of printer drivers, and those things barely work on your PC, much less your BlackBerry. Instead, BreezyPrint comes with a companion app (currently Windows only) that you install on any computer with access to the printer in question. BreezyPrint tells the companion app what to print, and the companion apps passes word onto the printer.

Alas, the service doesn’t come cheap. You’re relying on their servers to do some of that aforementioned voodoo to ensure that things like corporate firewalls don’t get in the way, so they’re charging a yearly fee. After a 30-day trial, BreezyPrint will set you back $25 a year. Oh, and for people lookin’ to print on other platforms: the company isn’t fessing up dates, but iPhone and Android ports are said to be on the way.

What do you think? Useful? Too expensive? I’m the cheap type; if I need a computer to act as the middle man, I’d probably just hop on the computer itself to print and spend that $25 a year on my bad habits.