Bebo will be sold or shut down by May admits AOL – we're not surprised

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AOL is giving notice that it will make its annual filing for Bebo in the UK with Companies House tomorrow. That filing will show that the online giant is looking at a “sale or shutdown of Bebo in 2010”, a property it bought in 2008 for $850m.

In a message sent to employees today, the company said:

“The strategy we set in May 2009 leverages our core strengths and scale in quality content, premium advertising and consumer applications, positioning us for the next phase of growth of the Internet. As we evaluate our portfolio of brands against our strategy, it is clear that social networking is a space with heavy competition, and where scale defines success. Bebo, unfortunately, is a business that has been declining and, as a result, would require significant investment in order to compete in the competitive social networking space. AOL is not in a position at this time to further fund and support Bebo in pursuing a turnaround in social networking. AOL is committed to working quickly to determine if there are any interested parties for Bebo and the company’s current expectation is to complete our strategic evaluation by the end of May 2010.”

I’m afraid to say, we told you so, although admittedly it took a year longer than we predicted.

Bebo says it has 40 people worldwide and “a small number in transition across Europe.”

Certainly, Bebo’s London office looks more like the Marie Celeste than the hub of a humming social network. We’re told there are barely five people left, if that.

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  • Kolin

    I’ll give em a tenner for it!

    • esther

      ill giv em 10.50!!!!!!

      • Judy

        £15 thats the best offer u will get. hehe!

      • http://WHY ASS


    • http://WHY fukdaworld


    • http://WHY fukdaworld

      to poor

    • bongg

      lol a tenner ? why not just smoke it .

    • bongg

      lol a tenner . why not just smoke it ?

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  • dave

    shut up both of you i will give bebo £14.99 for it

    14.98 more than its worth

    • Terataha

      Ow pu bay bebos worth more den all ov ues put tuqetha ! ues arr qay fxcken qay homos !! so fxck up !!!

      • misswebster.

        what is this fucking abomination? is this what the english language has been reduced to?

  • james

    About time they shut down this site..its a paedophile playground in there..i banned my kids from it last year after all the complaints i heard about it

    • Jamie

      Its far from a place for pedos, You removed you kids from it, that was pointless, im 17 and no ones ever said anything to em of anykind .. and ive had it since i was around 13.
      You can block users, modarate who goes onto your page, as in friends only, and specific ages.

      • http://facebook mary

        so naive! :-(

      • lisa

        actually not naive, just logical: don’t add people you don’t know and put your profile on private. that’s what i do

    • April

      your a queer james why the hell would you ban your kids from bebo! there gunna have no life really ,i bet your kids are geeks or goths anyways such type of weird kids if your the father!

      • Sarah

        Whats wrong with goths? And geeks are just people who are smart and dont drink and such…a bit lik me actually… so shut up thers nothing wrong with the way people live their lives, and its none of your business wether that James guy bans his kids so dont call him queer…

      • http://Bebo Cody

        And what’s wrong with geeks and goths ?

        Maybe YOU’RE the freak for stereotyping people so badly.

      • louise

        that’s a nasty thing to say to someone. the guy just thought it was best because he was making a decision as a parent: doing his best to keep his kids safe. plus children who depend on social networking as a way of communicating aren’t likely to be happy people in the future. PLUS why have you the right to judge ‘geeks’ and ‘goths’ as weird? stereotyping is childish anyway.

    • Peanut

      I am 17 and I’ve been a member since i was 12 and Ive never had a problem with it… strange.. wonder why that is… oh yeah I was raised to block people who said something that upset me, my mom didnt raise a dumbass child, did you?

      • louise

        lol this made me laugh because it’s true. it’s easier to be safe on bebo. i’ve just turned 18 and had bebo for ages, loved it then and loved it now and never had a single problem with it :D

  • http://bebo robyn

    i will give between £3.00 or £2.00pounds

  • Johnnythemilkman

    Ill give them 150!!… RMB So thats about 15euro, but hey it sounded good :D, i think they should just stop working on bebo and when it breaks down thats when bebo can end :). So id give it a week maybe two without maintanance

  • Criss

    shut up u bunch of idiots. Bebo is a great site and will be greatly missed by many people unlike the abundance of mindless airheads that have deleted their bebo and moved to facebook where your profile has no individuality at all. On bebo you can get an idea of who somebody is just by looking at their page. Facebook’s profile has no personality to it. Just a blank white page where everybodys the same. Crap!

    • Sam

      Facebook is where it is at, all people who want to use the crappy bebo can go f*** themselves. Facebook will always be much further ahead than any other social networking site. It is just time you upgrade!

      • Tara Fox

        I agree with you. I think the privacy personalization is way more important than page personalization.

    • turly

      so does this mean you judge people based on their profile?

      because the one thing that annoys me about bebo IS the personalisation. Who really wants to go onto somebody’s page and see a badly designed interface with random flashing things and gibberish written on it that nobody understands?

      If anybody has a problem with bebo shutting down, and says thing like “oh no! how can I talk to all those friends I made?” chances are they’re on facebook. Join it. Be a rebel. If you could learn how to use bebo, you can learn how to use facebook. Stop whining.

  • mele

    leave bebo alone, bebos a great thing!

  • http://BEBO bah_bah_kiu

    fcuk yuo haters . bebos better then yuor dad ! i aqree wit’ -Criss . fcuk th’ haters . :( sadd tuo hear

    • JohnNI

      bah_bah_kiu. You are the typical used of bebo, an illiterate fool who does not spell “you” correctly. Shut it down!


    OMG. dont cancel bebo please. i love it (: its my obsession. no seriously you old hags. -.- im not joking

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  • http://bebo kayleigh

    omg ppl bebo rocks nd its ppls own fault if they dont block their pages nd add strangers for god sake like this is a safe place for sensible ppl if ur not sensible its ur own faulet

  • http://Bebo Darlene

    Pleasee Dont Shut Down Bebo Wed Done Anything For It FaceBooks A Load of CRAP !! .. People Are Just Sad … If They Shut IT DOwnn ..

  • georgina

    please dont shut down bebo please some1 buy it i love it so much i will be so sad if it goes i couldnt belive when ppl said it was going please please dont shut down facebooks crap bebos so much better

    • http://bebo emc emily!

      i will be DEVISTATED if bebo shuts down it will take away all our innocent fun of wen we were 14,15,16 and so on!all the memories we had all the fun we had n bebo at summer nights mailing all our friends! it will not just be a website shutting down it will be our innocence and memories also!

    • http://bebo emc emily!

      we should start some sort of campaign against stupid facebook!

      • Tara Fox

        good luck with that, child

  • georgina

    please dont shut down we love bebo

  • katie

    bebo should not be shut down! if the government rob us of our money and f*ck our lives up this wouldn’t be happening. us young people should stand up against this. bebo brings people together some people rely on bebo the government should not be allowed to do this

  • rachel

    Please don’t shut down bebo its gr8 :D u get to keep in contact with soo many people, gives everyone there own personality through skins, blogs etc :D and u can also give out love which is good, facebook is crap compared to bebo u do nuthin on it, its soo bland and boring and a bit confusing tbh haa sooo please keep bebo plzzz

    • http://Bebo Brad

      Hi come on Bebo is one of the awesome sites & it be really ashame if it got shutdown because it as alot of friends people make it be really bad Zhou can’t talk to them anymore! Plus I really like it. And please don’t don’t delete bebo! I have alot of cool friends on there please &

  • http://bebo cathy

    i would die withou bebo :O

    • Tara Fox

      Then your life must suck. You poor girl

  • http://bebo taylor

    get a grip ya bunch a panzys bebo is the bomb , facebook is pishhhh x

  • nicole

    Losers:) bebo is great . we get to keep in touch with friends, maybe they should have better security on it you no.. they cant just get rid off it.

  • Johnnythemilkman

    if bebos so great how come its not makin any money and shutting down?

    can anyone answer me that?

    • Robynn

      i can answer that one :D. when aol took over bebo they changed it all. making it better ofc, therefore many losers thought that it was a crappy idea and decided to move to facebook, much like myself. and yeah facebook is crap. i would go on it very little tbh. but bebo im on everyday.. even in school on my phone. :D. then after many complaints aol decided to put the “old profile” back, and how many people have you seen with it? very little. so all you haters.. screw you :D it just shows u have no social life.. or life for that matter. and tbh neither do i and thats why im on a social networking site everyday of my life :D.
      good enough answer for ya’ ;-)

  • http://twitter iiloveandy

    Please DO NOT SHUT IT DOWN everybody loves it and it gets billions of views every second of everyday PLEASE SAVE BEBO

  • http://bebo tinaaa

    Wiseeup :L bebos Great Couldnt live without it man :O Bebo dont leave us Baby (u)

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