APC unveils new Back-UPS models

APC by Schneider Electric recently announced a new line of Back-UPS Pro models. To recap, UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply (not united parcel service). These are essentially backup batteries that help keep your machine running during blackouts and prevent damage to your equipment from power surges. As with their previous models, APC offers power-saving outlets on their UPS devices that automatically shut down power to unused peripherals. For instance, your monitors, printers, and speakers will automatically shut off whenever your computer is turned off or goes into sleep mode. Apparently, this can save as much as $50 per year in electricity bill.

New features on the Back-UPS Pro models include an LCD panel that allows users to easily scroll through critical diagnostic information, as well as automatic voltage regulation capabilities that conserve battery life and adjust voltages to safe levels. The APC Back-UPS Pro comes in a variety of models, offering from six to ten outlets and with a runtime from 92 to 164 minutes. These products will debut in North America sometime in Q2 2010 with an estimated retail price from $129.99 to $249.99.