Nissan's Land Glider: The future of urban transportation?

This, according to Nissan, is the future of urban transportation. It’s called the Land Glider (sounds a bit like a Land Rover knock-off, no?), and it’s designed to city-dwellers of all ages. The idea is to make a small, energy efficient vehicle that’s capable of easily navigating a city’s tight spaces.

Granted, there’s already plenty modes of transportation that allows city-dwellers to easily navigate the streets, from bicycles to public transportation (subways and the like) to, I don’t know, a good pair of shoes. Do you really need a car to go from midtown to downtown in New York?

The Land Glider has a top speed of 62 MPH—totally unworkable in a true city environment, where there’s pedestrians all over the place (there’s a reason why the speed limit in Manhattan is 30 MPH)—and is powered by a small electric motor.

Nissan says it’s zero emissions, too.

Sounds neat, and that’s about the nicest thing you can say about it. Too bad going green is pretty much useless at this point.