comScore: Android Market Share Continues To Gain On The iPhone

comScore has just released its latest report on smartphone marketshare, and the trend we saw last month has continued: Google’s Android is gaining quickly on the iPhone, as Palm and Microsoft’s shares continue to dip. The report compares smartphone market share¬†averaged over the three-month period ending November 2009 against the three months ending February 2010.

The report concluded that 45.4 million people in the United States were using smartphones in the period ending in Feb. 2010, which is a 21% increase over period ending last November. RIM still has a strong lead over the field, with 42.1% of the smartphone market share, and it rose by 1.3% over this period. But the most interesting story is the rapid rise of Android, whose share grew 5.2%. Apple’s share has remained stable, with a .1% drop.

It’s important to note that while Android is clearly growing quickly, it still has a long ways to go to match Apple’s mobile user base. ¬†Apple’s iPhone OS is also used by the iPod Touch (and now, the iPad); Android still hasn’t been deployed on any popular devices that aren’t phones.

Photo by svensonsan