BlackBerry Tour2 and BlackBerry 8230 show up in Sprint's systems, bring friends

Remember the last time Sprint released a new BlackBerry device? Dinosaurs had just recently stopped roaming the earth, and the only time people saw fire was when they were lucky enough to have lightning strike a nearby tree.

Well, it looks like Sprint might soon be getting not one, but two new BlackBerry handsets to bring them up to speed.

The BoyGenius just dug up these inventory order form screenshots showing the BlackBerry 9650 (otherwise known as Tour2) and BlackBerry 8230 (which, as long as RIM is being consistent with their model numbers here, is the BlackBerry Pearl Flip) — neither of which is currently available on Sprint — up for order to retailers.

Also making appearances: the Motorola ES400 and the Palm C40, two phones which no one really knows anything about. Some say the ES400 will run WP7; others say Android. We’ll hold off hedging our bets until this thing becomes a bit more concrete.