No iPad for me, thanks (but please don't hate me)

To answer our own poll: no, I will not be buying an iPad. It’s not that I’m “anti-iPad,” which sounds pretty silly (“look, I’m against a piece of plastic~!”), it’s simply that I have no need for it. Why would I buy something that I don’t need? That makes no sense!

The fact of the matter is, I already have a perfectly functional desktop PC, laptop, and phone—where does the iPad fit in my wold? My desktop, which I built for myself at Christmastime so I could play World of Warcraft at 900 frames per second, is my main computer, and by “main computer” I mean something that’s on 12+ hours per day. I use it to write all of my wonderful CrunchGear posts, play games, and cruise around Wikipedia all day long.

I have an old MacBook that I’ll whip out when I’m on-location somewhere, and I’m not about to switch, you know, functionality for a device that’s fairly limited. Will the iPad run Photoshop and Premiere Pro at the same time? Will I be able to download whatever from Usenet in the background while managing my auctions in WoW? I don’t think so.

The iPad simply isn’t for me.

But maybe it’s for you? If so, great! Maybe you merely want something to browse the Web while sitting on the couch? Great. Maybe you want a fancy e-book reader? More power to you, but that’s not me. (The lastest two books I started reading, The History of White People and Max Gallo’s Napoleon series, aren’t available for Kindle or nook, so I assume they won’t be available for the iBooks store. E-book readers tend to work best when the books you want to read are available for it.)

Or you can try to sell it to me—why should I need and iPad? I’m not the type to want the latest thingamajig simply because it’s shiny and new—I’m cool with what I have right now, thank you very much!

Again, I’m not “anti-iPad,” I just have no need for it, so I won’t be buying it.

That’s not a crime, right?