4INFO Tells FTC: Approve The Google/AdMob Deal

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Google was taking the unprecedented step of reaching out to AdMob competitors to get their support around their acquisition of the company.

The FTC is looking very hard at the deal, and some consumer groups have lobbied the FTC to block it. Despite the fact that Apple acquired AdMob’s closest rival, Quattro Wireless.

But at least one of AdMob’s competitors, 4INFO, is supporting the deal (see our recent interview with 4INFO CEO Zaw Thet here).

In a letter to the FTC, Thet says “I have no concerns about my ability to compete effectively after the transaction closes,” and “this is such a rapidly growing and evolving industry that I have no concers about Google and AdMob dominating the space.”

I’ll say this – somebody just earned a ton of credit with Google. The letter is below:

4INFO, Inc.
177 Bovet Road STE 400
San Mateo CA 94402
March 31, 2010


Randall Long, Esq.
Federal Trade Commission
Bureau of Competition – Mergers I
601 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580
Re: Google’s acquisition of AdMob

Dear Mr. Long:

I am writing in support of Google’s acquisition of AdMob. I am the CEO of 4INFO, the largest SMS publishing platform and advertising network in the United States. We support multiple SMS advertising units, including click-to-WAP, call, video, and others. We also help advertisers create destinations for mobile users who respond to mobile advertisements, including mobile websites, mobile videos, white-labeled SMS content, and interactive SMS voting or polling. We also enable publishers of user-solicited SMS mobile content to monetize their inventory with SMS advertisements. Our mobile ad network includes top television, print and online content publishers, including NBC, Yahoo, AOL, The Weather Channel, CBS Sports, and TV Guide. We compete with AdMob, Google, and other companies active in the mobile advertising space including clients such as P&G, Ford, Land Rover, and many more.

I am supportive of the Google/AdMob transaction because there are plenty of alternatives for monetization in the mobile advertising marketplace. I have no concerns about my ability to continue to compete effectively after the transaction closes. I believe it will continue to be easy for me to partner with large brand advertisers who wish to advertise on mobile devices and publishers who wish to monetize their mobile content.

This is such a rapidly growing and evolving industry that I have no concerns about Google and AdMob dominating this space. To the contrary, I believe that the recent interest in mobile advertising – especially from investors – will make it even easier for new companies to enter into mobile advertising with innovative products and services that compete effectively. I believe that the Google/AdMob transaction will also help raise awareness of mobile advertising generally and encourage more advertisers to engage in mobile advertising campaigns.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at XXX@4info.net or 650-350-XXXX.


Zaw Thet

Zaw Thet | CEO | 4INFO, Inc.