The Line For the iPad Starts Behind This Guy

The iPad doesn’t go on sale until Saturday, but the line has already started in front of Apple’s flagship store in New York City. Okay, there’s only one guy in line so far, Greg, but if you want to pick up your pre-ordered iPad you are going to have to get behind him. Unless you go to another store. Or just wait for it to be delivered to your house.

Anyway, this guy is determined to sit in front of the Apple store for two days and nights. The video below was sent to us by Zoltan Kaprinay, a Hungarian tourist who came to New York to pick up his own iPad on Saturday. He was scoping out the Apple store and captured the footage below.

Nobody expects iPhone-long lines for this launch, but for the Mac faithful there’s always a badge of honor that comes with being first.

Update: Greg appears to be the same guy who was first in line at the same Apple NYC store for the original iPhone when it came out. Back then he camped out for four days. His name is Greg Packer.