Perseids, John Hughes, And G.I. Joe Are Trending Topics On Wikipedia

<img src=""> Google has <a href="">Google Trends</a>, Twitter has trending topics, and

CrunchDeals: Futurama: The Complete Collection on DVD for $85

<img src="" alt="" />Amazon is selling <em>Futurama: The Complete Collection</em> on DVD for $85, today only. The box set features 18 d

New technology heats up cell phones when callers get agitated

<img src="" /> I can't think of too many use cases for this, but they did it: A team of researchers from the <a href="http://www.u-t

Motally Brings Mobile Analytics To Smartphone Games

<img src="" class="shot2">As mobile gaming takes off, developers will need in-depth analysis to determine consumer behavior with their games a

Motorola to replace Google with Bing on Chinese Android phones

Imagine this with Bing inside. It’s easy if you try. If I were a spit takin’ man, I’d do a spit take right now. Motorola, stalwart of freedom, will work with Chinese carriers to add

Daily Crunch: Pixeled Edition

Video: Pixel-bots to the rescue! Even as tiny blocks, you’ll recognize Super Mario Bros. in this Arduino project Aw, iPhone app fridge magnets Move over Humping USB Dogs. Here comes the Dodobongo US

MyEdu Will Be Your Curriculum Guide And Virtual College Advisor Rolled Into One

<img src="" class="shot2">Do you remember to the days of college, when you were required to sort through your curriculum and career goals with

Dell stumbles, almost drops to #3 in the top PC manufacturers

<img src="" />Bad news for Dell. Despite the fact that it's looking like IT spending is increasing, Dell is still suffering from lackl

Razer announces drivers for the Mac

<img src="" />Razer announced today that they are going to be releasing Mac drivers for all of their future products. This comes on

Verizon officially launches the rugged, text-friendly Casio G'zOne Brigade

Just yesterday we were saying that Casio’s built-to-be-beaten G’zOne Brigade would be launching today — and sure enough, it just went live on Verizon’s web site.

Lucid Imagination Raises $10 Million For Apache Search Technology

<img src="" class="shot2"><a href="">Lucid Imagination</a>, the startup that commercially distributes the open

The Pokemon return: HeartGold and SoulSilver

<img src="" /> So I got a random delivery today, and I was quite surprised to see it was from Nintendo. Even more surprising was when I

Opera Mini 5 Beta Now Available For Android

Sure, Opera Mini may (or may not) already be the most popular mobile browser in the world — but why stop there? Following up on the Android release of Opera Mobile 4 just over a year ago, Opera

Bill Gates' hurricane-busting tubeships are real, people

<img src="" />Last year, I wrote that Bill had this (let's be honest) <a href="

Apple's Magic Mouse: fixed at last

<img src="" />I handle a lot of mice in this job (right now I'm using the <a href="">Mionix Naos 5

ARM guy: 50 tablet computers coming out in 2010

<img src="" />Man oh man. This is going to be like the netbooksplosion that happened after the EeePC hit. Roy Chen, a big man at ARM, said

Another Hourtime Episode for your pleasure In this episode the boys talk about the upcoming Basel show and offer some tips on collecting. Download MP3 Subscribe in iTunes

Ring of Honor figures out the Internet, launches video download store to discourage BitTorrent piracy

<img src="" />Credit to Ring of Honor, the professional wrestling promotion, for embracing the Internet era. The promotion has launched a ne

OCZ drops SSDs to below $100

<img src="" />In Dave's <a href="">SSD roundup </a>the other day, the

So surveillance cameras are actually good for something

<img src=""><a href="">Brickhouse</a> Security in New York sells lots and lots of cameras. They even
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