YouTube To Roll Out New Design For All Video Pages Today

YouTube’s video page overhaul, which the company itself says is one of the biggest redesigns in its history, is about to get noticed by a lot more people today.

A YouTube partner just forwarded us an e-mail he received from the Google company, stating that all videos will be transitioned to the newly designed page some time today.

Here is the relevant part of said e-mail, which leaves little to the imagination:

Dear Partner,

We want to provide you with an update on YouTube’s new video page, which we’ve been hard at work on for the last several months.

You can read more about it here:

On Wednesday, March 31st we’re happy to let you know that we’ll be transitioning all YouTube videos to this new video page.

This new video page makeover is one of the biggest redesigns in YouTube history — and we’re excited to make YouTube a better place for you and your content!

You can read more details about the redesign in the blog posts linked in YouTube’s email to its partners, or check out what Jason wrote when the new video page was publicly released (only opt-in) last January.

In short: less clutter, easier search and no more stars.

Sure, everyone has been able to active the new look for a while now, but not every member of the humongous YouTube community reads the company blog, or TechCrunch for that matter, so chances are many will be seeing the new video page for the first time today.

Remember, this on a site that is seeing more than 20 hours of video uploaded every minute.

Expect lots of confused people roaming the tubes today.