Google Japan releases the new keyboard drumset for one stroke input

Ever tried writing in Japanese? No, right? Well it’s really hard. There are like lines and little circles and things. Well, Google Japan just released their new drum-based interface to type in Japanese. No longer will you be confounded by the spelling of Hari Kari and Toyota!

Google Translate tells us:

Q. And how much is this drum?
A. Pricing is in talks with providers about the current prototype. We would like to offer cheaper prices possible.

Q. Where do you sell?
A. will be sold directly. 試打 who make a reservation you are going to contact sale announcements.

Q. How do I enter another country’s language What should I do?
A. After you type in Japanese, Google will be translated using our form.

Q. What is the emoticon support?
A. The characters look up to now. I want to believe that the future development of emoticons as well. (To be offered as optional parts)