Rugged Camera Roundup: The Movie
Before each of this week’s rugged and waterproof cameras gets examined on terms of usability, image quality, and so on, I had to check whether their makers were pulling my leg about their rugged qualities. A quick trip to the park furnished a suitable environment to test this out, and here’s the video.

My first impression is that it’s going to be hard to recommend one of these over the other, given their wildly different price points and designs. But review I must.

The important part is they all survived some minor abuse, and that really recommends all of them. Apologies for the unreliable sound; it was windy and pocket cams have awful microphones. Stay tuned for the individual reviews coming throughout this week. The cameras we’ll be reviewing are the Fujifilm XP10 (today), Casio EX-G1, Olympus Stylus 8010, and the Kodak Playsport (which is actually $150, not $200 as I guessed in the video above).

More details can be found, of course, at the individual reviews.