More 3D football (soccer) comes to Europe: Up next, Belgium & Poland

More 3D broadcasts are sweeping across Europe. The next countries up are Belgium and Poland. They follow the UK and Germany—oh, and the U.S.

The broadcasts will be football (soccer) matches. The Belgian one is between Andrelechtand Sint-Truidense, and will be on Belgacom. We all know Anderlecht thanks to its exploits in the UEFA Champions League, but I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about Sint-Truidense. I’m sure they’re nice blokes.

Poland’s games will be on Canal+. Hi, Poland!

Other countries better hurry up: these “[Country] will have a 3D sports broadcast” stories are very rapidly losing their appeal. Frankly, I’m surprised the NFL hasn’t announced its plans yet. We all know the NFL will be all, “THE FIRST 3D SPORTS BROADCAST IN THE WORLD,” conveniently ignoring all of these soccer stories.