WSJ: Verizon iPhone hitting this summer

The rumor mill is churning today as news of a CDMA iPhone running on Verizon will be manufactured by Pegatron in China while a whole new AT&T model, made by Foxconn, will also drop in the summer/fall timeframe. the Journal notes that the two new devices will be exactly the same except, obviously, the CDMA version will lack a SIM card.

We’ve seen weird leaks of an iPhone 4G screen – something longer than the current iPhone screen with a front-facing camera – but nothing concrete. We also need to take this with a grain of salt. Asian manufacturers enjoy talking up their connections with certain companies because it gives them a slight boost in the equities markets, so this could be a pump and dump.

Giz notes that this would bring 90 million people into the iPhone’s grasp, giving Apple a huge edge. Given popular opinion, AT&T numbers will probably deflate as well. Just don’t expect to roam internationally on your iPhone anymore. Here’s hoping Verizon can keep the networks up better than Cingular++.