StealthArmor now available for your Apple iPad

Let’s face it, as our mobile computing devices get smaller and smaller, they get more fragile. To protect our precious gadgets, we wrap them in cushiony cases to protect them from a devastating fall to the ground. But these cases increase the bulk, reducing the convenience of the small form factor. One new option for iPhone — and now iPad — owners is Fusion of Idea’s StealthArmor.

This is a special film that applies to the back of your product to protect it from scratches, dents, and dings. It won’t save your iPhone from a four foot drop to the ground, but it will protect it from all the other stuff in your pocket, purse, or manbag. Or, in the case of the iPad, it’ll protect it from all the detritus on your coffee table, couch, or night stand.

StealthArmor material uses a new heat-bonding technology and is uniquely designed compared to other protective covers in the device accessories marketplace. StealthArmor was originally developed in the automotive racing world to protect car exteriors from flying asphalt at high speeds. Russ Taylor, who heads up Fusion of Ideas and races a Mitsubishi Evolution X in his spare time, applied the StealthArmor concept to design highly resilient protective material for electronic devices to preserve their sleek outer shells from daily scratches and dings.

I just applied some StealthArmor to my iPhone, and I give it a thumbs up. It’s comfortable to my hand, protects the case from casual wear and tear, and looks pretty nice.