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[Denmark] A thriving startup scene is in part characterised by its events and meetups where creativity, knowledge and contacts can be exchanged. And that precondition is very much in evidence in Copenhagen this spring.

Here’s a breakdown of upcoming events:

Social Media Club

Chris Heuer is the founder and guest star at Social Media Club in Copenhagen on March 29, throwing some Silicon Valley stardust over the city in his usual empathic style. Social Media Club provides a hub where individuals and organisations can share experience and collaborate on social media projects, facilitated by Henriette Weber, the Danish tech scenes answer to Lady Gaga.


Startupbootcamp is the Nordic equivalent to Y Combinator but is particularly inspired by Techstars. 10 startups have the opportunity to be part of a 3 month program where they are offered micro seed capital in an incubator environment, with skilled mentors and an Investor Day as the grand finale to attract further funding to their business. Startupbootcamp is initiated by Rainmaking, the creators of 12 startups in the past 3 years.

First Friday

Startupbootcamp is also facilitating First Friday, where startups are pitching – not their company or product, but what they need in terms of help, skills and connections.


NordicMeetup, inspired by Huddle’s Drink Tank in London, is a networking event for startups. The vision is to help strengthen local scenes in the Nordic area and to simultaneously connect the Nordic cities so that startups can benefit from more scale than a small scene can provide. NordicMeetup is arranged by Petra Johansson and yours truly, with the first event taking place in Copenhagen on April, 8.

Copenhagen Startup Weekend

Copenhagen Startup Weekend on April 9th to 11th is part of the global Startup Weekend with more than 80 city events already held in the past 3 years, and with more than 50 events scheduled for this year. Copenhagen Startup Weekend is the first Nordic event in the series, and is being held simultaneously in various cities including Copenhagen, Oslo, Lund, Vilnius and Kaunas followed by Stockholm a week later.

TechCrunch Nordic and Mini Seedcamp

And last but not least, TechCrunch Europe and Seedcamp are visiting Copenhagen for the first time, with TechCrunch Nordic taking place on May 26th & Mini Seedcamp on the 27th.

So after a long period of drought, the scene is set in Copenhagen to provide a platform for creativity and development, and hopefully – the rise of many more startups.

  • Tom Cavill

    Good to see plenty going on. What are the top Danish startups right now?

    If any TC readers fancy meeting up this wknd (Fri – Mon) in Copenhagen drop me an email tomcavill [at]

    • Kirsten Winkler

      I think Mingoville ( should be amongst the top ten :)

      • Natasha Friis Saxberg

        Some of the top startups operating from Denmark is:




        I probably forgot some – so please contribute.

      • Anibal Damião

        Gotta say, their concept seem like one of those simple ideas that are just bound to rock because they are so simple and interest., for the runners out there.

        Still focused on the internal market are (stock investment management tool), (video…) , (and, PM ?)

        @Natasha, thanks for including influAds in the batch.

        Copenhagen is the place to be during next month!!

      • Richard Blackham

        I put forward Metaconomy for socializing the ‘Channel’ and delivering meaningful value propositions to all stakeholders for enhanced performance.

        Metaconomy – Better Together

    • Thorsteinn

      Another HOT danish startup is the 3d soccer tutorial site :D

  • Natasha Friis Saxberg

    For some reason some of the links got messed up during editing. Sorry, should be fixed soon.

    • Steve O'Hear


  • Michael Bodekaer

    I would definitely keep an extra eye on Been testing their product and it looks very promising!

  • Alex Farcet

    Octoshape is doing very well.

  • Soren Hansen

    Lot’s of big disruptive plays cooking in CPH at the moment

    Tradeshift, (all over the place)
    Hoist, http://( (big play on the work category, just winning MIT Global best startup award)
    23, (just launching their disruptive 23 Video product globally)
    Issuu, (getting pretty good traction)

  • Siim Esko

    It is a very busy kitchen indeed!

    We have been cooking up a total software solution for small business management

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