Apple Posts A Boatload Of New iPad Footage

There’s less than a week to go until the iPad’s April 3 launch date, but up until now footage of people actually using the device has been relatively scant — there’s the Steve Jobs keynote address, a few Flip-cam recordings from the twenty minutes reporters had after the keynote, and a whirlwind commercial. Today, we’re getting much, much more: Apple has just posted a series of eleven Guided Tours that walk you through many of the device’s core features, including Safari, Mail, iBooks, and the iWork suite.

If you want to get a feel for what can be done with an advanced app on the iPad, check out the iWork apps. The Keynote video, in particular, is impressive — it shows how you can use multi-touch to rearrange slides, place and resize images, and create animated effects using a feature called ‘Magic Move’. It looks very slick, though we’ll have to try it for ourselves before we can determine if it’s as efficient as its desktop counterpart.

We can’t embed the videos here (you’ll have to head to Apple’s site to watch them), but here are some screenshots showing off the device.

Via Zee Kane