French search engine publisher AllGoob scores €1 million

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[France] Bordeaux-based AllGoob, a French search engine publisher, has just announced that it has raised a €1 million first round with Newfund for its European development and new search engine, wiPikit.

AllGoob was founded by Thomas Allaire and François Goube after roughly 2 years of development in 2007.

The company is behind job search engine success JobiJoba – which was launched the same year and is now one of the largest job databases in France, uniting over 300,000 job offers with 700,000 candidates on the site per month. The site also launched in Belgium in 2008 along with the UK, the US and Spain in 2009.

The investment is curious as JobiJoba is definitely not a lone star in the French market. Paris-based Wanajob counts roughly the same number of job posts and acquired web 2.0 job site JobMeeters in 2009. Silicon Valley-based SimplyHired also launched in France in March of last year.

Along with securing a viable business model and continuing AllGoob’s international development, the funding will be used to develop the new search engine, wiPikit. This site will combine real estate and automobile offers and is to go live in April.

  • http://www.moovement.fr Richard Menneveux

    and don’t forget Moovement.fr ,-)

  • FP

    I’m french, and I apologize for the silly name they have chosen for this serch engine. Still, I’m happy to see that innovation is now thriving here :)

  • http://www.dumblittleblogger.com Vishal Sanjay

    The name is very silly and kiddish, but I have no idea about the technology, accuracy and quality of this search engine. I still think that 1 million euros is pretty less for managing the expenses of running a search engine.

  • Brice

    Congrats François & Thomas! Good ideas, good techno, good spirit!

  • http://www.indeed.com Sophie Beaurpere

    Indeed.fr, a leading search engine for jobs was launched in October of 2008. According to Google Trends, OptionCarriere.com and Indeed.fr are both experiencing the strongest traffic in comparison to Jobijoba.com and wanajob.com:

  • http://www.mgwebsolutions.net Michael Gardner

    Yes one wonders about the name…

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