DIY: Get medieval with the Mini-Trebuchet

Make magazine has a special place in my heart, partly because I love the crazy stuff they come up with, and partly because they want to help you build the crazy stuff they come up with. When I was a youngster, we made a rudimentary version of a catapult in scouts. Sure, it didn’t work very well, and it was powered by a rubber band made from an inner tube, but you could sure launch a walnut with it. That’s why when I see a kit like this, I’m filled with an overwhelming urge to buy one.

Make’s kit includes almost everything you need in their trebuchet kit. All you really need to add is a counter-weight (Make recommends 88 pennies), and put it together using scissors, a ruler, wood glue, and some rubber bands. I think I see a purchase coming up. Maybe even a review.

Purchase your mini-trebuchet kit from the Maker Shed for $25.