AquaAntics Water Bomb Factory is genius, should win an international peace award

I guarantee that the outside water spigot at my mom’s house has weathered rings left over from water balloons. There just isn’t a fool-proof way to fill up the balloons on a naked spigot. Sure, there are those little nozzles that thread on, but those don’t work well either. But the AquadAntics Water Bomb Factory is just what the name implies: a venerable water balloon factory. You have to see this thing in action. It’s set to revolutionize summer time. Click through for the video.

They say you’re supposed to be able to fill up and tie 10 water balloons per minute with this thing. Not only is there an on-demand water nozzle, but some-sort of quick time contraption. The best part is it’s only $10 bucks. [Product Page via OhGizmo]