This Is Apparently How You Quit Yahoo [Video]

Paul Tarjan had been at Yahoo for three years. That was enough.

Yesterday, to commemorate his last day at the company, Tarjan released a video on YouTube (embedded below) that he says sum up his 1,032 days at Yahoo. In “White & Nerdy,” he raps about PHP, SearchMoney, and YUI — all things his hands were heavily involved in at the company (he was one of the creators of SearchMonkey and was serving as the Tech Lead for the project) — among other nerdy things.

In case it’s not clear, this is a parody of Weird Al Yankovic’s “White & Nerdy” which itself is a parody of Chamillionaire’s Grammy-winning song “Ridin‘”.

Like many Yahoos before him (but not all), Tarjan is leaving Yahoo for greener pastures. He’ll be starting at Facebook shortly. Says a Yahoo co-worker, “Paul’s a sharp guy.”