RadioShack looking for a buyer, possibly Best Buy

We could be looking at the end of RadioShack, boys and girls. The company is said to be exploring a strategic partnership, or outright sale, possibly to Best Buy. I don’t see why Best Buy would be interested: what does RadioShack sell that’s either A) not already available or B) entirely too niche for its Wal-Mart approach to selling consumer electronics?

JPMorgan Chase is supposedly in charge of figuring out how to handle the merger or sale or whatever it ends up being.

The only reason why Best Buy might be interested is because of RadioShack’s success in the cellphone business. I guess RadioShack does a fairly OK job of selling phones and accessories and whatnot, and its small stores could play into Best Buy’s “we need more, smaller stores in malls, people!” modus operandi.

Or, and this is a twist, perhaps rather than selling to Best Buy (or someone else), perhaps RadioShack could use some of the money it has on hand—$900 million—to gobble up some other store! Now that would be unexpected.

I’m trying to think the last time I bought something from RadioShack… it might have been solder for when I hacked my Xbox1 in 2003. So yeah, it’s been a little while. The store always seemed sorta dingy to me, like the lighting was messed up.